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Beryl var Aquamarine

Beryl var Aquamarine from Arkaroola, Flinders Ranges SA

Specimen Details

This Beryl var Aquamarine specimen was mined from Arkaroola, Flinders Ranges in South Australia and was originally part of the G & J Akkerman Collection.

Although not the finest specimen of Beryl, I wanted to add this specimen to the collection to show the different variety compared to the commonly seen crystal varieties. There is another specimen of aquamarine in the collection, however, I am interested in adding a museum-quality crystal variety of Beryl to the collection soon.

I acquired this specimen from Peter at Crystal Habit (now Kristallen) at the August 2016 Carlingford Show.

Beryl Info

Chemical Formula: Be3Al2SiO6

Collection ID #: JG0025

Colour: crystals are a greenish-blue, light to sky blue

Hardness: 7.5 – 8

Acquisition Date: 27/08/2016

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Lustre: Vitreous

Dimensions: 77mm x 47mm x 36mm

Weight: 215g

Locale: Arkaroola, Flinders Ranges, SA Australia

Rarity of Mineral


Did you know!?
Aquamarine is one of it not the most popular light-blue gemstone, and is commonly used in jewellery.