Australian Minerals, Broken Hill, New South Wales


Bustamite from Broken Hill NSW


    Bustamite is a calcium, manganese, iron clinopyroxene. This specimen was mined from Broken Hill which is renowned for having the worlds finest Bustamite crystals, by far! It is brown-red with some translucent sections.

    I acquired this specimen from Tony from The Mineral Store Australia at the August 2016 Sydney Crystal Show.

    Specimen Details

    Chemical Formula: CaMn2+(Si2O6)

    ID #: JG0005

    Colour: Light pink to brown-red

    Hardness: 5.5 – 6.5

    Acquisition Date: 06/08/2016

    Crystal System: Triclinic

    Lustre: Vitreous

    Dimensions: 103mm x 41mm x 30mm

    Weight: 125g

    Location: Broken Hill, NSW Australia

    Rarity of Mineral


    Did you know!?
    Bustamite was named in honour of Mexican general Anastasio Bustamente (1780-1853). It is often regarded as a calcium-rich variety of Rhodonite, but it is scientifically classified as an individual separate mineral.

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