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Cuprite Plus Malachite

Cuprite Plus from Red Dome Mine QLD

Specimen Details

Cuprite, commonly known as red copper ore is a copper and oxygen mineral. This specimen has a coating of Malachite which is a common mineral association. Other specimens displaying bright cherry-red Cuprite crystals have also come from the Red Dome Mine where this specimen was mined many years ago.

The Red Dome Mine site operated from about 1986 to 1997, producing approximately 1 million ounces of gold, and 35,000 tonnes of copper from about 15 million tonnes of ore.

I intend to add a specimen of museum-grade Cuprite to the collection to show the transparent red crystals it forms. Currently, I have only seen it with associated malachite coating.

I acquired this specimen from Greg at Blue Gems at the October 2013 Central Coast Gem Festival.

Cuprite Info

Chemical Formula: Cu2O

ID #: JG0016

Colour: Generally dark red, sometimes almost black, however the inclusion of Malachite on this specimen shows the dark green colour.

Hardness: 3.5 – 4

Acquisition Date: 12/10/2013

Crystal System: Isometric

Lustre: Adamantine or submetallic

Dimensions: 46mm x 27mm x 20mm

Weight: 24g

Location: Red Dome Mine, QLD Australia

Rarity of Mineral


Did you know!?
Malachite is known to cover or pseudomorph over Cuprite, forming an interestingly shaped and a sometimes sparkling green crystal form.