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Molybdenite on Quartz

Molybdenite on Quartz from Kingsgate NSW

Specimen Details

Back in the day, it was thought that Molybdenite was Graphite or a lead ore. Molybdenite occurs in lustrous, metallic-looking crystals that can be easily moved and bent out of shape. I could easily bend this specimen into a different shape if I wanted to. It has perfect cleavage in one direction and is often flaky, allowing thin crystals to be “peeled” similar to the micas, this means careful handling is a must.

I acquired this specimen from Greg at Blue Gems at the 2013 Central Coast Gem Festival.

Molybdenite Info

Chemical Formula: MoS2

ID #: JG0017

Colour: Silver, lead-gray, bluish lead-gray

Hardness: 1 – 1.5

Acquisition Date: 12/10/2013

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Lustre: Metallic

Dimensions: 49mm x 33mm x 24mm

Weight: 31g

Location: Kingsgate, NSW Australia

Rarity of Mineral


Did you know!?
The word molybdos means “lead” in ancient Greek.