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‘Moonlight Pocket’ Citrine capped Smoky Quartz

‘Moonlight Pocket’ Citrine capped Smoky Quartz from Bismuth Dam, Torrington NSW


    This fantastic specimen features a stem of dark smoky (morion) Quartz that is topped by a sceptre crystal of natural golden Citrine from Bismuth Dam in Torrington, NSW from the famous ‘Moonlight Pocket’ which was discovered in 2012.

    These have rapidly become world favourites, and are extremely hard to obtain. I would love to be able to obtain a few more pieces from the ‘Moonlight Pocket’ to the collection!

    This specimen has a couple of tiny nibs, but they in no way detract from the stunning beauty and elegance of this specimen.

    An interesting fact is there are more variety names given to Quartz than any other mineral, which makes each piece so unique and special in its own way.

    I would like to thank Paul, Nigel and Patrick for this discovery, these guys are a true inspiration. Without them putting in a huge amount of time, research and effort in making discoveries like this, my collection wouldn’t be half of what it is today. Australian specimens like this allow me to continue learning and fuel my passion.

    Specimen Details

    Chemical Formula: SiO2

    Collection ID #: JG0067

    Colour: Citrine is a dark yellow/brown with the morion being black

    Hardness: 7

    Acquisition Date: 3rd December 2016

    Crystal System: Hexagonal

    Lustre: Vitreous

    Dimensions: 52mm x 21mm x 15mm

    Weight: 21g

    Locale: Bismuth Dam, Torrington, NSW Australia

    Rarity of Mineral

    Very Common

    Did you know!?
    Quartz occurs in almost every single mineral environment. It frequently forms the inner lining of geodes and most geodes have an inner layer of larger crystalline Quartz, and an outer layer of Chalcedony or banded Agate.