Vendors at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Lismore Gemfest 2024

Lismore Gemfest 2024

Vendors at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Lismore Gemfest is the biggest outdoor gem and mineral show in NSW. The Lismore Gem & Lapidary Club Inc. started the Annual Lismore Gemfest in 1990. Since then it has evolved into one of Australia’s largest Annual Gem and Mineral shows with over 150 tailgaters and dealers over two massive days. You’ll find many minerals, crystals, gemstones, fossils, jewellery and lapidary equipment for sale.

Date: 17th – 19th May 2024
Location: Lismore Showgrounds, Lismore NSW

For more info on the show, visit their website at Lismore Gemfest

Roadtrip to Lismore Gemfest 2024

2024 was my second year attending the Lismore Gemfest and I hope to make it every year now.

My journey started Friday morning at about 7 am, with a fully packed car I began my road trip to Lismore.

A quick stop into Taree turned into an hour-long chat with the guys at DownTown Kustoms. As always, it was nice to catch up with Graeme and Damo and get a quick tour around the shop on what they’ve been working on.

Back on the road and after a couple of toilet stops, a fuel stop at Macksville where I did a detour through Cundletown because I was on the phone to Dave (hands-free of course) and missed the turnoff and a few hundred kilometres later, I arrived in Lismore about 4:30 pm.

Swag camping in Lismore

I decided to camp with Dave, Janelle and Tom at the showground this year. I pulled into Coles to get food and ice for the cooler box. The Dometic 55L ice box has been on a few trips now and I’m quite impressed with it. With that all sorted, I finally arrived at the Showgrounds around 5 pm.

With daylight against me, I quickly set up the new 23zero Duke 1400 swag. No more than 10 minutes later, I was all sorted and set up for the weekend.

The shops in town were quite busy which was good to see, considering what they had gone through with the flood. We found a restaurant and had a succulent Chinese meal. With a full belly, the four of us headed back to the Showgrounds for an early night in prep for a big weekend ahead.

Fogging morning at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Up and at ‘em bright and early on a foggy Saturday morning for a quick freshen-up and the obligatory morning coffee on my new Jetboil. So good! Love it. Pull down the tailgate of the Ute and in a few minutes I have boiled water to make a big coffee in my Yeti tumbler. Happy days!

Jetboil coffee at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Setting up the stall was a lot easier with the 4 of us which was good because people started rolling in at 8:30 am.

Set up at Lismore Gemfest 2024
Set up at Lismore Gemfest 2024
Set up at Lismore Gemfest 2024
Camping at Lismore Gemfest 2024
Camping at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Selling minerals and crystals

There were still quite a lot of people coming through and buying a variety of minerals and crystals despite it not being as busy as the 2023 show. Mid-afternoon was my first chance to look around at everything people had for sale. Luckily I bought my boots because it was super muddy around some of the grounds. There are so many vendors selling all types of minerals, crystals, opals, jewellery and books that you can easily spend all day walking around and most likely still won’t see everything.

Vendors at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Towards the end of the day, we watched a big storm roll in and the organisers came around to tell us to start packing up. We quickly packed everything up just in time before it started raining. We decided to wait it out somewhere more comfortable, so we drove into town and had dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant, Flavour of India with a few other people attending the show. Matt convinced me to try red wine and to my surprise, it was pretty nice. After a delicious meal and many laughs, we again had an early night knowing it would be another big day on Sunday.

Storm at Lismore Gemfest
Packing up before the storm at Lismore Gemfest 2024
Packing up before the storm at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Sunday pack up and drive home

I woke up early Sunday morning to a beautiful but chilly day. Another quick freshen-up (Dave will say I took my time) and we got into it to set up for another day.

I wasn’t in a rush to get home this year so I stayed around till about noon before packing up. The swag is surprisingly easy to pack up, it’s just long and heavy to carry to get it back in the car if the car is not close by.

I had to get some help from Tom to get the swag and the new big rocks I bought from Dave into the car, then it was time to say goodbye for another year and I was off on the road trip back home.

Polyhedral Agates I purchased at Lismore Gemfest 2024
Agate from Wave Hill Station I purchased at Lismore Gemfest 2024

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait for next year!

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