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Calcite & Thomsonite

Calcite & Thomsonite from Aranga Quarry New Zealand

Specimen Details

This is an interesting piece of Calcite & Thomsonite, the Thomsonite is kind of noodle-like while having associated growth of needle-like Calcite over the top. Thomsonite is generally known to have associations with Prehnite, Laumontite, Natrolite, Chabazite, Analcime, Apophyllite and Chlorite.

I acquired this specimen from Tony at Mineral Store Australia at the August 2016 Sydney Crystal Show.

Calcite & Thomsonite Info

Chemical Formula: NaCa2Al5Si5O20 · 6(H2O)

Collection ID #: JG0011

Colour: White, beige, cream, light yellow, light gray.

Hardness: 5 – 5.5

Acquisition Date: 6th August 2016

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Lustre: Transparent to translucent

Dimensions: 90mm x 76mm x 20mm

Weight: 95g

Locale: Aranga Quarry, Northland New Zealand

Rarity of Mineral


Did you know!?
Thomsonite is named in honour of Scottish mineralogist and chemist Thomas Thomson.